Thursday, January 15, 2015


*tap mike* he-- hello? Is this on? Hello? I don't think it's on.  Can you check theHEY THERE! You! First blog post,  yeah! So anyway here is the current gaming situation, in my first State of the Gamer Address, to let you know-- and to remind myself-- of the direction(s) we'll be going over the next few posts:

1.1. Warhammer
What am I NOT doing for Warhammer? Organizing a large multiplayer battle to kick off the year in Warhammer Fantasy, coming up with new rules for it, and quickly assembling some Daemons of Chaos to participate next Monday are not part of that list. A little discussion of the rules I've come up with is impending.

Also have a load of orcs and goblins on the painting back burner.  What is the collective noun for orcs? A horde? A WAAGH? A verdure? Also, to paint: the rest of the Daemons,  so will be posting some WIPs soon. As well as a sweet sweet Kickstarter that will probably take FOREVER to finish,  so I can't wait!

1.2. Bolt Action
Have a load of regular British Infantry that also  need painting-- been sticking to a small elite,  fully-painted Airborne force, which means that when my artillery misfires and hits any of them (which, by the way, is ALL THE TIME), a huge chunk of points go swirling down the toilet like so many of my hopes and dreams.

1.3. Malifaux
Ugh.  Another entry in the "to paint" queue. Of my four crews, two are fully painted. Have also, unexpectedly,  amassed a ridonkolous amount of cards. But hey, at least it's diceless! So far though, having a blast with the system, and will be dedicating a lot of blogspace and battle reports to this in the near future.

1.4. Saga
Been shanghaied into playing Gripping Beast's historical skirmish game by friends, and am now in possession of 26 first-century Scots. This means, of course, that I will paint them as Hollywoodly, historically-inaccurate as possible: green tartan, blue Braveheart facepaint. Now if I can only do something about their flaccid spears. Which is now the number one contender for my warband name.
from the clan McShrinkage

2. RPGs
2.1. Shadowrun 5e
Following a fun session  I GMed for some friends, will be following it up with another run soon. Remind me to tell you how the first run went, sometime. The rules still make my head hurt, but the pounding in my temples when I try to navigate the rulebook or look something up at least now has a catchy beat.

Love, thy will be done. 
3.1. Dragon Age: Inquisition
Finally finished,  after only 100 hours of play! So naturally I immediately rolled up another character. And taking another crack at wooing Cassandra: Warrior Princess,  who broke it off with my previous character without my noticing until several dozen hours worth of play after. It's like high school all over again.

3.2. ROME 2: Total War
I've started up a new campaign,  and thoroughly enjoying the new rig,  which can now handle everything at max settings. After action reports and screenshots will at some point hurtle in your direction like flaming boulders hurled by ballistae.

3.3. Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor
The third entry of Games I Am Playing This Year That Have a Colon in the Title,  now my go-to for instant gratification, and when I have only 30 minutes to play something. Again, must think up a collective noun for greenskins.

3.4. Other games in the pipeline
Prison Architect, Civ Beyond Earth,  and the rest of the Pile of Shame I've built up over many a long, cold Steam sale. Because I dont play enough games, apparently.

4.1. Lots of incoming things  for which I am all hot and bothered: Rum&Bones, Dead of Winter, Dwarf King's Hold. There's also maybe Sails of Glory. And Battletech perhapsmaybe. As well as some musings about Android: Netrunner, and Cat Tower, because I have toxoplasmosis in the brain.

So I have a lot to write,  between games, and I am fairly slightly confident that we'll get around to definitely some of most of them, eventually. Stay tuned!

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